Loopers Makes Tying Your Laces Easy!
Take each lace and cross over to make an X. Pull the top lace through the bottom of the X and pull the two laces tight.
It is best to use Loopers™ once the student has mastered or almost mastered Step 1. This ability is often indicative of readiness to complete Steps 2 and 3.

Form and maintain the shape of two loops (often referred to as bunny ears).
Loopers makes Step 2 simple and easy to learn because the Velcro pads secure the loops. Once both of the bunny ears are formed, Step 3 can occur smoothly.

Cross both loops and pull the top loop through the opening towards you, while simultaneously pulling on the other loop.
While this step takes practice, the stabilized loops reduce frustration and enable the repetition of this step in isolation.

…and you’re done!

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